18th Replacement Wing

Constituted as 18th Composite Wing on 8 May 1929. Activated in Hawaii on 1 May 1931. Served as part of the defense force for the Hawaiian Islands. Redesignated 18th Wing in 1937, and 18th Bombardment Wing in 1940. Inactivated in Hawaii on 29 Jan 1942.

Redesignated 18th Replacement Wing. Activated in the US on 23 Jun 1942. Assigned to Second AF. Processed personnel entering Second AF for assignments to units. Disbanded on 11 Apr 1944.

Groups. 5th Bombardment: 1931-1942. 11th Bombardment: 1940-1942. 18th Pursuit: 1931-1940.

Stations. Ft Shafter, TH, 1 May 1931; Hickam Field, TH, 30 Oct 1937-29 Jan 1942. Salt Lake City, Utah, 23 Jun 1942-11 Apr 1944.

Commanders. Lt Col Gerald C Brant, May 1931; Lt Col Delos C Emmons, Aug 1934; Lt Col John C McDonnell, Jul 1936; Lt Col Hume Peabody, Jul 1936; Lt Col John C McDonnell, Jul 1936; Brig Gen Barton K Yount, Sep 1936; Col Millard F Harmon, Jul 1937; Brig Gen Barton K Yount, Jul 1937; Brig Gen Walter H Frank, Sep 1938; Col Shepler W FitzGerald, Jul 1940; Col Howard C Davidson, Oct 1940; Brig Gen Jacob H Rudolph, unkn; Brig Gen Willis H Hale, 20-29 Jan 1942. Col Henry W Harms, 23 Jun 1942; Col Frank W Wright, 30 Jan 1944; Col Henry W Harms, 27 Mar-11 Apr 1944.

Campaigns. American Theater; Central Pacific.

Decorations. None.

Data from Air Force Combat Units of World War II By Maurer, Maurer, Published 1986

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