1st Lt. Daniel Alaric Bud Monaghan, Jr.

Born in Oberon, North Dakota, November 24, 1919, "Bud" was the youngest of 4 children. The family finally settled in Ferndale, Michigan after chasing work from The Dakotas to Florida to Detroit. After 12 years of school, 1 and 1/2 years of college, and working as a 'clerk', Bud joined the U.S. Army Air Corps. at Fort Custer, Michigan, November 21, 1941. Pre-Flight, Santa Anna, CA., AFTD (Primary), Oxnard, CA., AFBFS, Gardner Field, CA., and AAFAFS, Williams Field, Arizona. Pilot, Two Engine. Bud was headed for New Guinea by 5 May, '43, arriving 10 August, '43. Bud flew the B-25's known as "Little Thumper" and "The Potent Cock", in New Guinea and the Bismark Archipelago. The planes were 'later models', "H" or "J's", I beleive, as they had 4 "50's" in the nose, a 75mm cannon, a couple "50's" on each side of the nose, as well as "waist guns", maybe a top turett and I think they had the "tail guns" again by then. Bombing and straffing of Jap shipping and airfields were the "chores" these men performed, and from looking at the old gun camera photo's, the "Japs" were in a lot of trouble! And, for his trouble, Bud earned "The Air Medal with Cluster, and the Asiatic-Pacific Ribbon with 2 Battle Stars. And he brought home a couple of the "cool ashtrays" that were made of the 50 & 30 cal. bullets-n-brass, as well as the big 75 mm case. My Grand Dad was really proud of that ashtray, and I thought the one we had was pretty cool, too. I would 'post' some gun camera pix and planes and stuff, but no one admits to having the pix. Sorry. Maybe my 'Sis' and I can load a pix of Dad. We'll try. A heart attack took 'Pop' from us 13 November, 1969. He was too young to die, as he loved life. Man he sure "gave 'em HELL". This is Memorial Day weekend, 2007. Please, Honor ALL VETS, from ALL Wars. It must have been just miserable in New Guinea in '43, '44, jungle, snakes, spiders, HOT, MUGGY, MISERABLE, ...but the way AMERICA treated Her Vets in the Viet Nam era is just terrible. Pleasse, Honor ALL Vets!

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