311th Fighter Group

Constituted as 311th Bombardment Group (Light) on 28 Jan 1942. Activated on 2 Mar 1942. Redesignated 311th Bombardment Group (Dive) in Jul 1942, 311th Fighter-Bomber Group in Sep 1943, and 311th Fighter Group in May 1944. Trained with V-72 aircraft. Moved to India, via Australia, Jul-Sep 1943. Assigned to Tenth AF. Operating from India and using A-36's and P-51's, the group supported Allied ground forces in northern Burma; covered bombers that attacked Rangoon, Insein, and other targets; bombed enemy airfields at Myitkyina and Bhamo; and conducted patrol and reconnaissance missions to help protect transport planes that flew the Hump route between India and China. Moved to Burma in Jul 1944 and continued to support ground forces, including Merrill's Marauders; also flew numerous sweeps over enemy airfields in central and southern Burma. Moved to China in Aug 1944 and assigned to Fourteenth AF. Escorted bombers, flew interception missions, struck the enemy's communications, and supported ground operations, serving in combat until the end of the war. Ferried P-51's from India for Chinese Air Force in Nov 1945. Returned to the US in Dec 1945. Inactivated on 6 Jan 1946.

Redesignated 101st Fighter Group. Allotted to ANG (Maine) on 24 May 1946. Extended federal recognition on 4 Apr 1947. Ordered to active service on 1 Feb 1951. Assigned to Air Defense Command. Redesignated 101st Fighter-Interceptor Group in Feb 1951. Inactivated on 6 Feb 1952. Relieved from active service, returned to ANG (Maine), and activated, on 1 Nov 1952. ANG allotment changed in 1954 (withdrawn from Maine on 30 Apr and allotted to Vt on 1 Jun). Extended federal recognition on 1 Jun 1954.

Squadrons. 136th: 1951-1952. 385th: 1942-1943. 528th (formerly 382nd, later 132nd): 1942-1946; 1951-1952. 529th (formerly 383rd, later 133rd): 1942-1946; 1951-1952. 530th (formerly 384th, later 134th): 1942-1946; 1951-1952.

Stations. Will Rogers Field, Okla, 2 Mar 1942; Hunter Field, Ga, 4 Jul 1942; Waycross, Ga, 22 Oct 1942-18 Jul 1943; Nawadih, India, 14 Sep 1943; Dinjan, India, 11 Oct 1943; Tingkawk Sakan, Burma, 6 Jul 1944; Pungchacheng, China, 28 Aug 1944-14 Dec 1945; Ft Lawton, Wash, 5-6 Jan 1946. Dow AFB, Maine, 1 Feb 1951; Grenier AFB, NH, 23 Apr 1951; Larson AFB, Wash, 2 Aug 1951-6 Feb 1952.

Commanders. Lt Col Clinton U True, 1942; Lt Col John R Kelly, 10 Aug 1942; Col Harry R Melton Jr, 26 Nov 1942; Col Charles G Chandler Jr, 25 Nov 1943; Col John S Chennault, 12 Feb 1945; Col Gabriel P Disosway, 24 May 1945; Col Allen R Springer, 5 Aug 1945-unkn. Col George Labreche, 1951-1952.

Campaigns. American Theater; India-Burma; China Defensive; China Offensive.

Decorations. None.

Insigne. Shield: Or a tornado issuant from base throughout azure, a demi-Indian issuant from chief proper, with war bonnet of the like and shooting from a bow sable a drop bomb gules. Motto: Fulminat - It (He) Strikes as Lightning. (Approved 13 Nov 1942.)

Data from Air Force Combat Units of World War II By Maurer, Maurer, Published 1986

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