312th Bombardment Group

Constituted as 312th Bombardment Group (Light) on 28 Jan 1942. Activated on 15 Mar 1942. Redesignated 312th Bombardment Group (Dive) in Jul 1942. Trained with A-24, A-31, A-36, and P-40 aircraft. Moved to the Southwest Pacific, Oct-Dec 1943, and assigned to Fifth AF. Redesignated 312th Bombardment Group (Light) in Dec 1943. Began operations in New Guinea, flying patrol and escort missions with P-40's. Completed conversion to A-20's in Feb 1944. Until Nov 1944, attacked airfields, troop concentrations, gun positions, bridges, and Warehouses on the northern and western coasts of New Guinea, and also supported amphibious operations on that island and in Palau. After moving to the Philippines in Nov 1944, provided support for ground troops and struck airfields and transportation facilities. Received a DUC for completing eight strikes against butanol plants on Formosa from 25 Mar to 4 Apr 1945. Began transition to B-32's, and made test flights over Luzon and Formosa in Jun 1945. Redesignated 312th Bombardment Group (Heavy) in Jul 1945. Moved to Okinawa in Aug 1945 and sailed for the US in Dec. Inactivated on 6 Jan 1946.

Redesignated 312th Bombardment Group (Very Heavy). Allotted to the reserve. Activated on 30 Jul 1947. Inactivated on 27 Jun 1949.

Redesignated 312th Fighter-Bomber Group. Activated on 1 Oct 1954. Assigned to Tactical Air Command. Equipped with F-84's. Converted to F-86's in 1955.

Squadrons. 386th: 1942-1945; 1947 1949; 1954-. 387th: 1942-1946; 1947-1949; 1954-. 388th: 1942-1946; 1947-1949; 1954-. 389th: 1942-1945; 1947-1949.

Stations. Bowman Field, Ky, 15 Mar 1942; Will Rogers Field, Okla, Jun 1942; Hunter Field, Ga, Aug 1942; DeRidder AAB, La, 20 Feb 1943; Rice AAFld, Calif, 13 Apr 1943; Salinas AAB, Calif, 15 Aug-24 Oct 1943; Gusap, New Guinea, c. 1 Jan 1944; Hollandia, New Guinea, Jun 1944; Tanauan, Leyte, 19 Nov 1944; Mangaldan, Luzon, 10 Feb 1945; Floridablanca, Luzon, 19 Apr 1945; Okinawa, 13 Aug-13 Dec 1945; Vancouver, Wash, 3-6 Jan 1946. Ellington Field, Tex, 30 Jul 1947-27 Jun 1949. Clovis AFB, NM, 1 Oct 1954-.

Commanders. Col Robert H Strauss, 1 Sep 1942; Lt Col Selmon W Wells, 10 Mar 1945; Col Frank R Cook, c. 25 Aug 1945-unkn. Lt Col Charles A Appel, 1954; Lt Col John E Vogt, 2 Feb 1955; Col Emmett S Davis, 8 Jul 1955-.

Campaigns. American Theater; Air Offensive, Japan; New Guinea; Western Pacific; Leyte; Luzon.

Decorations. Distinguished Unit Citation: Formosa, 25 Mar-4 Apr 1945. Philippine Presidential Unit Citation.

Insigne. Shield: Azure an eagle volant or, carrying with his talons a futuramic bomb argent, fire exhaust proper, and a branch of olive vert. (Approved 30 Nov 1956.)

Data from Air Force Combat Units of World War II By Maurer, Maurer, Published 1986

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