3d Air Division

Constituted as 3d Bombardment Division on 30 Aug 1943. Activated in England on 13 Sep 1943. Assigned to Eighth AF. Redesignated 34 Air Division in Dec 1944. Served in combat in the European theater from Sep 1943 until Apr 1945. Inactivated in England on 21 Nov 1945.

Organized in England on 23 Aug 1948. Assigned first to United States Air Forces in Europe, later (Jan 1949) directly to USAF, and again (Jan 1951) to United States Air Forces in Europe. Had no combat elements assigned but directed the training of Strategic Air Command components on temporary duty in the United Kingdom. Also provided some logistic support for the Berlin airlift, 1948-1949. Discontinued in England on 1 May 1951.

Activated in Germany on 25 Oct 1953. Assigned to United States Air Forces in Europe. Apparently was inadequately manned and had no combat components assigned. Inactivated in Germany on 1 Mar 1954.

Activated on Guam on 18 Jun 1954. Assigned to Strategic Air Command. Given operational control over Strategic Air Command wings on temporary duty in the Far East.

Wings. 4th Bombardment: 1943-1945. 13th Bombardment: 1943-1945. 14th Bombardment: 1945. 20th Bombardment: 1945. 45th Bombardment: 1943-1945. 65th Fighter: 1945. 66th Fighter: 1944-1945. 67th Fighter: 1945. 92d Bombardment: 1943-1945. 93d Bombardment: 1944-1945.

Stations. Camp Blainey, England, 13 Sep 1943; Honington, England, c. 27 Oct-21 Nov 1945. Marham, England, 23 Aug 1948; Bushy Park, England, 8 Sep 1948; Victoria Park Estate, England, 15 Apr 1949-1 May 1951. Wiesbaden, Germany, 25 Oct 1953-1 Mar 1954. Andersen AFB, Guam, 18 Jun 1954-.

Commanders. Maj Gen Curtis E LeMay, 13 Sep 1943; Maj Gen Earle E Partridge, 21 Jun 1944; Brig Gen Norris B Harbold, 14 May 1945; Brig Gen Eugene L Eubank, 6 Jun 1945; Brig Gen Murray C Woodbury, c. 6 Sep 1945; Brig Gen Harold Q Huglin, 25 Sep 1945-unkn. Maj Gen Leon W Johnson, Aug 1948-1 May 1951. Maj Russel R Frederick, 26 Dec 1953-unkn. Brig Gen Joseph D C Caldara, 18 Jun 1954; Brig Gen Nils 0 Ohman, 10 Feb 1955-.

Campaigns. Air Offensive, Europe; Normandy; Northern France; Rhineland; Ardennes-Alsace; Central Europe.

Decorations. None.

Insigne. Shield: Azure, three lightning bolts, points to base, radiating to chief or. (Approved 14 Mar 1955.)

Data from Air Force Combat Units of World War II By Maurer, Maurer, Published 1986

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