3rd Air Commando Group

Constituted as 3rd Air Commando Group on 25 Apr 1944. Activated on 1 May
1944. Moved to the Philippines late in 1944. Assigned to Fifth AF for
operations with P-51, C-47, and L-5 aircraft. Attacked Japanese airfields and
installations in the Philippines, supported ground forces on Luzon, provided
escort for missions to Formosa and the China coast, made raids on airfields
and railways on Formosa, and furnished cover for convoys. Also transported
personnel, dropped supplies to ground troops and guerrilla forces, evacuated
casualties from front-line strips, adjusted artillery fire, and flew courier
and mail routes. Moved to the Ryukyus in Aug 1945. Flew some patrols over
Japan, made local liaison flights, and hauled cargo from the Philippines to
Okinawa. Moved to Japan in Oct 1945. Inactivated on 25 Mar 1946. Disbanded
on 8 Oct 1948.

Squadrons. 3rd Fighter: 1944-1946. 4th Fighter: 1944-1946. 157th
Liaison: 1944-1946. 159th Liaison: 1944-1946. 160th Liaison: 1944-1946.
318th Troop Carrier: 1944-1946.

Stations. Drew Field, Fla, 1 May 1944; Lakeland AAFld, Fla, 5 May 1944;
Alachua AAFld, Fla, 20 Aug 1944; Drew Field, Fla, 6-24 Oct 1944; Leyte, Dec
1944; Mangaldan, Luzon, c. 26 Jan 1945; Laoag, Luzon, Apr 1945; Ie Shima, Aug
1945; Chitose, Japan, c. 27 Oct 1945-25 Mar 1946.

Commanders. Maj Klem F Kalberer, May 1944; Col Arvid E Olson Jr, Jun
1944; Lt Col Walker M Mahurin, Sep 1945; Lt Col Charles H Terhune, 20 Oct

Campaigns. Air Offensive, Japan; China Defensive; Western Pacific;
Leyte; Luzon; China Offensive.

Decorations. Philippine Presidential Unit Citation.

Data from Air Force Combat Units of World War II By Maurer, Maurer, Published 1986

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