46th Bombardment Group

Constituted as 46th Bombardment Group (Light) on 20 Nov 1940. Activated on 15 Jan 1941. Trained with A-20's and Harold L Mace, 13 Sep 1943; Lt Col Rob participated in maneuvers. Flew some antisubmarine patrols over the Gulf of Mexico early in 1942. Assigned to Second AF in August and to Third AF in Nov 1942. Served as an operational training unit until late in 1943, then became a replacement training unit. Disbanded on 1 May 1944.

Squadrons. 50th: 1941-1944. 51st: 1941-1944. 53d: 1941-1944. 87th: 1941-1944.

Stations. Savannah, Ga, 15 Jan 1941; Bowman Field, Ky, 20 May 1941; Barks dale Field, La, Feb 1942; Galveston Mun Aprt, Tex, c. 1 Apr 1942; Blythe AAB, Calif, 23 May 1942; Will Rogers Field, Okla, Nov 1942; Drew Field, Fla, Oct 1943; Morris Field, NC, 6 Nov 1943-1 May 1944.

Commanders. Maj Guy L McNeil, 15 Jan 1941; Maj Otto C George, 18 Apr 1941; Col Richard H Lee, 9 May 1941; Lt Col Robert D Gapen, 1 Nov 1942; Lt Col Martin P Crabtree, 11 Apr 1943; Lt Col Robert V DeShazo, 21 Jul 1943; Col ert V DeShazo, 21 Oct 1943-1 May 1944.

Campaigns. Antisubmarine, American Theater.

Decorations. None.

Insigne. Shield: Or, a bend invected azure. Motto: Custos Libertate - Guardians of Liberty. (Approved 14 Jul 1942.)

Data from Air Force Combat Units of World War II By Maurer, Maurer, Published 1986

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