64th Troop Carrier Group

Constituted as 64th Transport Group on 20 Nov 1940. Activated on 4 Dec 1940. Used C-47's for training and flying transport missions in the US. Redesignated 64th Troop Carrier Group in Jul 1942. Moved to England in Aug 1942 and received additional training. Assigned to Twelfth AF. Moved to the Mediterranean theater, Nov-Dec 1942. Flew first mission on 11 Nov, landing paratroops at Maison Blanche. Dropped paratroops to capture airfields during the battle for Tunisia. Released paratroops near Gela and Catania when the Allies invaded Sicily in Jul 1943. Dropped paratroops near Avellino during the invasion of Italy in Sep 1943 to destroy a bridge on the enemy's supply line to Salerno. Participated in the assault on southern France in Aug 1944 by releasing gliders and paratroops in the battle zone. Supported the partisans in northern Italy early in 1945 by dropping paratroops, supplies, and propaganda leaflets behind enemy lines. When not engaged in airborne operations, the group continually transported men and supplies to the front lines and evacuated wounded personnel. Most of the group was on detached service in the CBI theater, Apr-Jun 1944, while a skeleton force remained in Sicily. With its squadrons operating from separate bases in India, the 64th group aided the Allied offensive in Burma, being awarded a DUC for flying unarmed over rugged enemy territory to carry food, clothing, medical supplies, guns, ammunition, and mules to the combat zone and to evacuate wounded personnel. Moved to Trinidad in Jun 1945. Assigned to Air Transport Command. Inactivated on 31 Jul 1945.

Activated in the US on 19 May 1947. Not manned during 1947-1948. Inactivated on 10 Sep 1948.

Redesignated 64th Troop Carrier Group (Medium). Activated on 14 Jul 1952. Assigned to Tactical Air Command. Used C-82 aircraft and later (after Jul 1953) C-119's. Inactivated on 21 Jul 1954.

Squadrons. 16th: 1940-1945; 1947-1948. 17th: 1940-1945; 1947-1948; 1952-1954. 18th: 1940-1945; 1952-1954. 35th: 1942-1945; 1952-1954. 54th: 1942.

Stations. Duncan Field, Tex, 4 Dec 1940; March Field, Calif, c. 13 Jul 1941; Hamilton Field, Calif, c. 1 Feb 1942; Westover Field, Mass, c. 8 Jun-31 Jul 1942; Ramsbury, England, Aug-Nov 1942; Blida, Algeria, Dec 1942; Kairouan, Tunisia, 28 Jun 1943; El Djem, Tunisia, 26 Jul 1943; Comiso, Sicily, 29 Aug 1943; Ciampino, Italy, 10 Jul 1944; Rosignano Airfield, Italy, 10 Jan-23 May 1945; Waller Field, Trinidad, 4 Jun-31 Jul 1945. Langley Field, Va, 19 May 1947-10 Sep 1948. Donaldson AFB, SC, 14 Jul 1952-21 Jul 1954.

Commanders. Lt Col Malcolm S Lawton, c. Dec 1940; Col Tracey K Dorsett, unkn; Lt Col Claire B Collier, c. 1 Mar 1943; Col John Cerny, 16 May 1943-1945. Col Steward H Nichols, c. Jul 1952; Col David E Kunkel Jr, c. Nov 1953; Lt Col William G Forwood, unkn-1954.

Campaigns. American Theater; Algeria-French Morocco; Tunisia; Sicily; Naples-Foggia; Rome-Arno; Southern France; North Apennines; Po Valley; India-Burma.

Decorations. Distinginshed Unit Citation: CBI Theater, 7 Apr-15 Jun 1944.

Insigne. Shield: Azure, an eagle's leg a la cuisse or charged with a mullet of the field. Motto: Flying Support. (Approved 16 Jun 1942.)

65th Reconnaissance Group

Constituted as 65th Observation Group on 21 Aug 1941. Activated on 1 Sep 1941. Equipped with O-47's, O-49's, O-52's, and other observation aircraft. Supported ground units during the Carolina Maneuvers in the fall and winter of 1941. Flew antisubmarine patrols off the east coast after Pearl Harbor. Inactivated on 18 Oct 1942.

Activated on 1 Mar 1943. Redesignated 65th Reconnaissance Group in Apr 1943. Served as a training organization for crews that changed from observation aircraft to B-25's. Disbanded on 15 Aug 1943.

Reconstituted, allotted to the reserve, and activated, on 27 Dec 1946. Inactivated on 27 Jun 1949.

Redesignated 65th Troop Carrier Group (Medium) and allotted to the reserve. Activated on 14 Jun 1952. Equipped with C-46's. Inactivated on 1 Apr 1953.

Squadrons. 2d: 1947-1949; 1952-1953. 13th: 1947-1949; 1952-1953. 14th: 1947-1949; 1952-1953. 18th: 1942; 1943. 105th: 1941-1942; 1943. 112th: 1941-1942. 121st: 1941-1942.

Stations. Columbia, SC, 1 Sep 1941; Langley Field, Va, Dec 1941-18 Oct 1942. Columbia AAB, SC, 1 Mar 1943; Florence AAFld, SC, c. 15 Apr-15 Aug 1943. Rome AAFld, NY, 27 Dec 1946-27 Jun 1949. Mitchel AFB, NY, 14 Jun 1952-1 Apr 1953.

Commanders. Col Dache M Reeves, 1941; Lt Col Walter Williams, c. 21 Feb-18 Oct 1942. Lt Col Blaine B Campbell, 1943.

Campaigns. Antisubmarine, American Theater.

Decorations. None.

Data from Air Force Combat Units of World War II By Maurer, Maurer, Published 1986

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