85th Fighter Wing

Constituted as 85th Fighter Wing on 4 Nov 1943 and activated on 10 Nov. Moved to the Southwest Pacific, Jan-Feb 1944. Served in combat with Fifth AF until May 1945 when the wing lost its tactical groups. Afterwards, operated an aircraft warning system for the Philippines. Remained on Luzon as part of Far East Air Forces after the war. Was not manned from late in 1945 until early in 1946 when the wing was given control of fighter groups on Luzon. Transferred, without personnel and equipment, to Japan in Jun 1947 and evidently was not remanned. Inactivated on 30 Jun 1948.

Redesignated 85th Air Division (Defense). Activated on 8 Sep 1955. Assigned to Air Defense Command. No combat elements were assigned prior to 31 Dec 1955.

Groups. 18th: 1946-1947. 49th: 1944. 348th: 1944-1945. 414th: 1946. 475th: 1944-1945.

Stations. Hamilton Field, Calif, 10 Nov 1943; San Francisco Mun Aprt, Calif, 10 Nov 1943-10 Jan 1944; Gusap, New Guinea, 25 Feb 1944; Hollandia, New Guinea, 24 Jul 1944; Leyte, 24 Oct 1944; Ft William McKinley, Luzon, Jun 1945; Floridablanca, Luzon, Jul 1946; Nagoya, Japan, 1 Jun 1947-30 Jun 1948. Andrews AFB, Md, 8 Sep 1955-.

Commanders. Col John M Bartella, 10 Nov 1943; Col Harlan T McCormick, 6 Dec 1943; Col Philip H Greasley, 11 Nov 1944; Col George A Walker, 23 Apr 1945; Brig Gen George P Tourtellot, 20 May 1945; Lt Col Vernon L Head, 2 Oct 1945-unkn; Col Raymond Reeves, 1 Feb 1946; Brig Gen William M Morgan, 26 Feb 1946-1 May 1947. Brig Gen Emmett F Yost, 8 Sep 1955-.

Campaigns. New Guinea; Western Pacific; Leyte; Luzon; Southern Philippines.

Decorations. Philippine Presidential Unit Citation.

Insigne. Shield: Per bend azure and of the sky proper, a sinister quarter pointed or; overall in chief, a silhouetted futuramic jet aircraft bendwise, volant, sable, with speed lines gules; in base a lightning bolt, bendwise of the third, over a checky grid throughout proper (red). (Approved 26 Dec 1956.)

Data from Air Force Combat Units of World War II By Maurer, Maurer, Published 1986

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