Alamo Of The Pacific

Otis H. (Karl) King, (USMC 1939-1947 POW 1942-1945) was a member of "Old" Fourth Regiment of United States Marines, known as the ?China Marines?. His book "The Alamo of the Pacific" (ISBN: 0-9674956-0-1) is a must read for all!

The book is constructed In three parts:

PART ONE: "THE ROAD TO HELL," follows the author's steps on the road to hell from enlistment in the Marine Corps at age 14 In 1939, to his first duty station at the Mare island Naval Prison as a 15 year-old Prison Chaser (19 by Marine Corps records), then to China and the Philippines.

PART TWO: THE ALAMO OF THE PACIFIC; Describes the blunders committed by General MacArthur and General Homma, Commander of the Japanese invasion forces. And MacArthur's refusal to put into action "War Plan Orange Three" as instructed by the War Department before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. These events greatly affected the outcome of the battle for Bataan. This part also details Marine combat on Bataan; the 27 day siege of Corregidor; a minute by minute account of the final 12 hour battle for Corregidor, (with maps), and the heroic stand by the "Corregidor Marines" and finally through the gates of hell as prisoners of the Japanese Empire.

PART THREE: WHAT WE DID TO THEM, relates individual accounts of POW acts of sabotage, humorous antics and self mutilation as told by members of the "Old" Fourth Regiment of United States Marines, (The famed China Marines). The advent of the war led to the greatest siege in modern military history. Dubbed the "Battling Bastards of Bataan,-- No Momma, No Poppa No Uncle Sam. No rifles or artillery pieces. No nephews or nieces and nobody gives (gave) a damn!" American and Filipino forces upset Tokyo's time-table of conquest, holding the invaders at bay for nearly six months. Out-numbered, using obsolete weapons, they decimated one Japanese army and caused General Homma to loose face for failure to conquer the Philippines by mid January, 1942. Homma was forced to request reinforcements to finally conquer the stubborn defenders. Imperial Headquarters diverted 50-thousand fresh troops from their Army poised to invade Australia. The fresh Japanese troops faced 27-thousand, starving, malaria ridden, ill equipped Battling Bastards of Bataan. Bataan fell on 9 April, 1942. 10,000 Americans died on the infamous "Bataan Death March." The siege of the Alamo of the Pacific ended on 6 May 1942 with the fall of Corregidor. The Battling Bastards gave the United States Navy time to re-coup from Pearl Harbor and win the Battle of the Coral Sea.

The siege of the Alamo of the Pacific gave America time to gather her forces for the island hopping war to come and time to prevent an invasion of Australia by supplying MacArthur with men and arms. The blood of the Battling Bastards of Bataan made it possible for MacArthur to keep his promise of, "I shall return." But the gallant men of Bataan were not there. History tells us that American Forces suffered no defeats in battles for the Pacific islands after the fall of Corregidor. Thus --- the Battling Bastards of Bataan changed the face of war in the Pacific and the course of history. This book was written to preserve the memory of those forgotten warriors of World War II.

The book is in hard cover; 238 pages with pictures and maps and a colorful dust jacket. To obtain an autographed copy send a check or money order in the amount of $25.00 to:

Alamo of the Pacific
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