Bob Hopkins

I actual started this group on the premise of doing something to honor all those men (and women) who served in the AAF during WWII, but I must say that it goes far beyond that because it is actually honoring all service men and women who have ever served our wonderful country and who are currently doing so.

I am no stranger to the sacrifices of military service. My father, Sgt Rex Henry Hopkins served during WWII at Tunisia, Sicily, Normandy, France, Belgium, and finally Germany with the American 1st Div. (The Big Red One). My Brother Michael Edward Thomas Hopkins, gave his life on July 4th, 1966 (his last day of tour) near Da Nang while serving with the 3rd Marines. I served proudly as a photgrapher with the US Navy on the command staff of Admiral J. K. Parker COMNAVBASE and on the Carrier USS America CV-66, V2 Division, among other things. As far as I am concerned, the "opportunity" to serve my country is one of the most gallant things we can do because by doing so we serve "mankind" and as Christ said, "there is no act greater than giving ones life for another". So many of our veterans gave all or at least something so that we may have so much. To forget that would be unforgiveable.

Bob is now a professional Firefighter/Fire Inspector for the City of Weatherford Texas with a degree in Fire Science/Fire Prevention and an avid reader of historic literature, especially about the Army Air Forces of WWII.

"Some may call a Living History Group a hobby, I call it a "Living Memorial"

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