Donald Howard Higgins Sr

2nd Lieutenant Donald Higgins Pilot of B-17 Flying Fortress. Donald Higgins flew over 50 bombing missions from June 1944 to Novmber 1944. His crew (3063) consisted of 2nd LT John A Gifford (CP) 2ND LT Elmer B Durfee JR (N) F/O Robert Anderson (B) Sgt Raymond H Stone (AEG) SGT Thomas E Jew (ROG) Pfc Jack F Hare (TG) Sgt Claude V Grose Jr (WG) Pvt John Tebar (AG) Cpl Floyd O Grammer (UG) Missions: June 14th 1944 Lietenant Higgins flew his first high altitude bombing mission on the oil refineries in Budapest Hungary.  2 missions June 16th 1944 Krogan Oil Refinery - 2 missions June 20th, 1944 Arrived in Italy, sends letter to Louis. Has seen what the bombs can do. Its awful how these people have to live. I sure am glad Butch is where he is. June 23rd 1944 Ploesti  1 mission June 25th 1944 Sete  1 mission June 26th 1944 Schwacht Oil Refinery  2 missions June 27th, 1944 Budapest M/Y  2 missions June 30th 1944 Blechhammar  1 mission July 2nd 1944 Brod  2 missions July 3rd, 1944 Arad  1 mission July 4th, 1944 Brasnov  2 missions July 5th, 1944 Montepelier  1 mission July 8th, 1944 Vienna Oil Refinery  2 missions July 13th, 1944 Mestre M/Y  1 mission July 14th, 1944 Budapest  1 mission July 15th, 1944 Ploesti  1 mission July 18th, 1944 Tagliamento Brid - 1 mission July 19th, 1944 Munich  2 missions July 20th, 1944 Memmingen A/D  2 missions July 22nd, 1944 Ploesti  1 mission August 3rd, 1944 Fredrickshaven  2 missions August 6th, 1944 Valence M/Y  1 mission August 7th, 1944 Blechhammar -2 missions August 7th, 1944 Blechhammar  2 missions August 9th, 1944 Gyor  1 mission August 15th, 1944 Gun Position N-237  1 mission August 18th, 1944 Ploesti  2 missions August 25th, 1944 Lisen A/C Factory  2 missions September 3rd, 1944 Belgrade - 1 mission September 17th, 1944 Budapest M/Y  1 mission September 23rd, 1944 Wels M/Y  2 missions October 12th, 1944 Bologna  1 mission October 17th, 1944 Secret  2 missions November 6th, 1944 Maribor M/Y  2 missions November 18th 1944 Vienna Oil Refinery  2missions November 18th, 1944 Lieutenant Higgins flew his golden missionwhen he bombed the oil refineries in Vienna, Austria. December 24th, 1943 Age 24 Returns home for a 21 day leave after completing 52 successful bombing missions  has been awarded the Air Medal with 2 Oak Leaf Clusters and the Distinguished Flying Cross. January 1944 while at home on leave July 29th 1945 St. Marks Episcopal Church, LeRoy, NY Lt. Donald Higgins of LeRoy marries, Elizabith C. Schmitt, Specialist 3C in the US Coast Guard Reserves, of Los Angeles California October 24th, 1945 Rome Army Air Base, Rome NY - Discharged From US Army Donald and Elizabith had 3 sons Donald Jr, William, and Robert. Donald Sr has since passed away and is burried in Pavilion NY. Elizabeth Higgins is living in Las Vegas Nevada.

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