Lt. Col Harvey Jackson Scandrett 506th

LAKELAND ARMY AIR FIELD B O M B S H E L L VOL. 2, NO. 36 Published for Personnel of Lakeland Army Air Field, Florida SATURDAY, FEB. 10, 1945 Deputy Group CO Bagged Zeros Lt Col Scandrett Flew 96 Combat Missions In Pacific A veteran of 15 months service in the South Pacific, Lt Colonel Harvey J. Scandrett, Deputy Group Commander of the 506th Fighter Group, flew 96 combat missions and bagged two Jap Zeros. He downed the Nip planes while flying a P-39 on his first mission in May 1942. The blond, good  natured, 27-year-old colonel was awarded the Silver Star, the Distinguished Flying Cross, and the Air Medal for outstanding action in a theater of operations. He left the United States in January 1942 and after 26 days at sea arrived at Brisbane, Australia. Within three months of his arrival he was transferred to Port Moresby, New Guinea, where he joined a fighter group flying P-39s. Once, while on a ferrying mission which took him over Horn Island, his plane was mistaken for an enemy ship and he was hit by ack-ack fire from our own anti-aircraft artillery. In April 1943 he returned to the United States and was assigned to III Fighter Command as the commanding officer of a fighter squadron stationed at Page Field, Fort Myers, Florida. In April 1944 he was appointed Assistant Air Inspector for the III Fighter Command. His last assignment before arriving here in January, this year, was in the capacity of Air Inspector at Page Field. The young colonel is married and makes his home in North Hollywood, California. My Uncle Jack was on Iwo Jimi for about a month when he was lost on 1 June 1945. His wife gave birth to a daughter in October of 45. He never saw his daughter. He is still missed by many and always loved.

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