Lt. Richard D. Harvey

Since my retirement in 1982, I have read a number of books and stories about the heroics of the fighter and bomber groups in WWII. All of these accounts are well deserved because only the pilots and their crews have any idea of the hell they went through on every mission plus the heartache of having so many good friends lose lives doing what they were trained to do.

To date, I have not found any books or stories about the various troop carrier groups and what they did when not flying the airborne troops to a given location. Having been a troop carrier pilot, I decided to write a book about troop carrier groups in general and the 60th Troop Carrier Group in particular for which I served a year and a half in Italy and South America. My book is called The C-47 - Flying Workhorse of WWII. Excerpts from my book can be found at the publisher's website:

Upon graduation in January 1944 from Advanced Training in Frederick, Oklahoma I requested the B-24 heavy duty bomber but for whatever reason I was sent to Randolph Field in San Antonio, Texas for Instructors Training. I was then sent back to Frederick, Oklahoma to instruct the incoming cadets in advance twin engine flying in preparation for graduation, their commission and further assignments in multi-engine. From there, I, along with other instructors, boarded a liberty ship for 45 days, arriving in Taranto, Italy and then to Brindisi to be assigned to the 60th Troop Carrier Group ? a surprise to all of us. I would not have asked for this duty, for I knew absolutely nothing about troop carriers. Nevertheless, I feel very fortunate and very privileged to have been a part of the 60th Troop Carrier Group.

I didn?t realize it then but in reminiscing these many years, I think every flight we made, day or night, was rewarding either to us individually or to the ones for which we made the flight.

I live in Indianapolis, Indiana with my wife, Marjorie. I would enjoy hearing from fellow veterans. I do not use e-mail, in fact, my grand-daughter, Shannon put this together for me! I can be reached by phone at #317-251-5045 or by mail 5010 Allisonville Road, Apartment D, Indianapolis, Indiana 46205

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