Otis H. (Karl) King

Otis H. (Karl) King, (USMC 1939-1947 POW 1942-1945) was a member of "Old" Fourth Regiment of United States Marines, known as the ?China Marines?. His book "The Alamo of the Pacific" (ISBN: 0-9674956-0-1) is a must read for all!

?THE ALAMO OF THE PACIFIC", © 1999, is a true story taken from the author's 1st career, that of a United States Marine, in the service of his country at the beginning of the war in the Pacific. The title was chosen to draw a comparison of the siege of the Texas Alamo with the siege of Bataan and Corregidor in the Philippines. (This is NOT to be confused with the History Channel's later program of the same title, about Wake Island).

"The Alamo of the Pacific" departs from relating atrocities committed by the Japanese on Prisoners of War to tell the untold story of American POWs who continued to fight the enemy from behind barbed wire, as they sabotaged the Japanese war effort. This is the story of POWs, forced to work as slaves in war industries, who destroyed ships; ruined rail cargo; damaged machinery and weapons; sabotaged air strips and generally discomfited their captors with ingenuity and the American sense of humor.

The book is in hard cover; 238 pages with pictures and maps and a colorful dust jacket. To obtain an autographed copy send a check or money order in the amount of $25.00 to:
Alamo of the Pacific
P.O. Box 11241
Fort Worth, TX 76110
Book Rate Shipping and handling are included in the price.

   Alamo Of The Pacific

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