WWII Servicewomen

Women played a vitally important role in WWII. They served as ferry pilots, medical personnel, and many other important functions relating to military aviation. WACs (Women's Army Corps), WAVES (Navy), SPARs (Coast Guard)and even woman Marines worked as aviation mechanics. Nearly 50% of the entire Woman's Army Corps served with the AAF, many assigned to clerical and administrative duties, while others worked as topographers, medical specialists, chemists, and aircraft mechanics. WAVES could be aviation machinist mates and aviation metalsmiths, as well as link trainer instructors, parachute riggers, and aerographers mates. American Red Cross women provided Canteen and Clubmobile services to overseas and stateside airbases, as well as providing Military Welfare Services to service personnel. The Navy Nurse Corps provided nurses and flight nurses to support the armed forces. Still other women serving in the Army Nurse Corps were assigned to the AAF. By 1944, 6,000 nurses were on duty in AAF hospitals, while some 500 were acting as flight nurses, aiding in the air evacuation of the wounded.

A select group of young female pilots became the WASP - Women Airforce Service Pilots. The WASP were the first women in history trained to fly American military aircraft. They ferried aircraft from factories to training bases. They also flew many diverse non-combat missions, such as towing aerial gunnery targets, and serving as instructors and test pilots. The WASP logged over 60 million miles and flew every type of aircraft used during the war, including fighters and heavy bombers. Thirty-eight WASP died in service to their country during WWII.

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