Raymond Louis Michaud

Missions of Raymond Michaud

98th Bombardment(Heavy) Group was stationed in Lecce, Italy 17 Jan 1944-19 Apr 1945

Raymond Michaud was born and raised in East Millinocket Maine and was classmate of Stephen Groves who was a hero of and died at the Battle of Midway. Stephen was the first person from Maine and also the first Ensign to have a ship named after him.

Raymond was awarded 8 service stars for participation in 8 theaters of action.

Theaters Participated In


Southern France

Northern France


Air Offensive Europe

Air Combat Balkans


Certificate of Valor

To: Commanding Officer, 98th Bomb Group(H) AC, APO 520

Under the provisions of 1st Indorsement, Headquarters, 47th Wing, tp letter, Subject: "Commendatory Certificates", dated 2 October 1944, Headquarters, 15th Air Force, it is requested that Certificate of *(Valor)(Merit) be awarded the following named *(officer):

a. 1st Lt Raymond L. Michaud Navigator

b. Basis for Award: Completed 50 combat missions

c. Character Rating: Excellent

d. Efficiency Rating: Excellent

e. The services rendered by the above individual have been such as to merit the award for which recommended.

f. The above individual has not been convicted by court martial during last 12 months.

For the Commanding Officer:Thomas Y Wheatley Adjutant

50 MissionsDetails

4-23-44 Schwechat, Austria 2 missions

4-24-45Ploesti, Romania 2 missions

5-2-44 Bologna , Italy 1 mission

5-7-44 Bucharest, Romania 2 missions

5-18-44 Ploesti, Romania

5-22-44 Mestre, Italy

5-23-44 Franscati, Italy 1 mission

5-24-44 Weiner Neustadt 2 missions

5-27-44 Marseille, France 1 mission

6-2-44 Simeria, Romania 2 missions

6-5-44 Bologna, Italy 1 mission

6-9-44 Munich, Germany 2 missions

6-10-44 Trieste, Italy 1 mission

6-11-44 Constanta, Romania 2 missions

6-14-44 Sisak, Croatia 1 mission

6-22-44 Udine, Italy 1 mission

6-23-44 Ploesti, Romania 1 mission

6-25-44 Toulon, France 1 mission

6-26-44 Schwechat, Austria 2 missions-Presdential Unit Citation

6-30-44 Zagreb, Croatia 1 mission

7-2-44 Budapest, Hungary 2 missions

7-6-44 Latisana, Italy 1 mission

7-7-44 Zagreb, Croatia 1 mission

7-22-44 Ploesti, Romania 1 mission

7-24-44 Genoa, Italy 1 mission

8-6-44 Toulon, France 1 mission

8-7-44 Nova Sad, 1 mission

8-15-44 St. Tropez, France(4320-0640)1 mission

Awarded Distinguished Flying Cross

8-15-44 Ploesti, Rumania 1 mission

8-26-44 Bucharest, Rumania 1 mission

8-30-44 Cuprija, Yugoslavia 1 mission

9-2-44 Kraljevo,Yugoslavia 1 mission

9-5-44 Ferrara, Italy 1 mission

9-12-44 Munich, Germany 1 mission

9-15-44 Athens, Greece 1 mission

9-21-44 Baja, Hungary 1 mission

*On 2 October 1944, the Cerificate of Valor was awarded

10-4-44 Ora, Italy 1 mission

10-13-44 Vienna, Austria 2 mission

10-17-44 Vienna, Austria 2 mission

*If the Certificate of valor states he had his 50 missions by 2 October 1944 then Raymond it appears flew 55 missions

Presidential Unit Citation

For heroic and outstanding performance of duty against the enemy. On June 26, 1944, a total of a hundred and forty nine(149) aircraft from the (4) four groups of the 47th Bombardmnet wing(H), took off from bases in Southern Italy to destroy the vitally important Schwechat Aircraft Factory in Vienna, Austria. At the time of the attack of 26 June 1944, this enemy plant was active in the production of Heinkel 219 twin engine fighters and the jet propelled Heinkel 280. It was classified asThe "first priority" aircraft target in the entire operating range of the Fifteenth Air Force.

Destruction of this plant would represent a long step toward the primary objective of the Allied Air Force-the gaining and maintaining of air supreriority over the German Air Force. Next to Berlin, the Vienna area in which the target was located is the most heavily defended sector of continental Europe.

Attackers must face fire from three hundred and forty six(346) heavy anti- aircraft guns and the onslaught of more than a hundred and fifty(150) enemy fighter planes. In the face of such opposition, however, climaxed an earlier series of very successful bombing raids by inflicting almost total destruction on the Schwechat Aircraft Factory. So concentrated was the bombing that despite the smoke from the first bombs it was possible for photo interpreters to count more than two thirds(2/3) of the bombs of one(1) group and more than half the bombs from another group within one thousand feet(1000) of the center of the target area. The group carrying the incendiary bombs placed them squarely on the target area and photo reconnaisance indicated the extent of the destruction:

The main assembly shop, primary objective of the raid, almost totally destroyed; three(3) flight hangers gutted; one(1) flight hanger badly damaged by at least three(3) direct hits; another flight hanger and the power plant damaged by direct hits. As an aircraft factory, the Schwechat ceases to exist. So effective was the formation flying of the 47th Bombardment Wing that although the airbonre enmey effort in the area was reported at one hundred and fifty(150) to one hundred and seventy five(175) aircraft, only one(1) ship attacked the formation and was promptly shot down. Despite the intense and accurate anti-aircraft fire encountered from more than three hundred and forty six(346) heavy guns in the area, the 47th Wing completed its successful attack and returned one hundred and forty three(143) aircraft and crews successfully to base.

By a combination of of heroic leadership, determination and combat effiency on the part of the highly trained crews, plus the exceptional professional skills and intense devotion to duty of all ground personnel concerned, the officers and enlisted men of the 47th Bombardment Wing carried to a highly successful conclusion this attack on a traget of highest priority, therby reflecting great credit upoin themselves and the Armed Forces of the United States of America.

By the command of Major General Twining.

Raymond was active National Guard from 1946 to 1952.

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