1st Air Force

The 1st Air Force was redesignated as such in early 1941. It was constitued as the Northeast Air District on October 19, 1940 which was activated on December 18, 1940.

The 1st Air Force trained new groups and, replacements for combat units; it also provided air defense for the Eastern U.S. until 1943.

The First Air Force was constituted as Northeast Air District on 19 October, 1940, and was activated on 18 December 1940. Re-designated 1st Air Force early in 1941, it trained new organizations and, later, replacements for combat units. It also provided air defense for the eastern USA until August, 1944.

Stations: Mitchel Field, New York, 18 December 1940-6

Commands: I Bomber, 1941-2: I Bomber was constituted as AAF Antisubmarine Command on 13 October 1942, and activated in the USA on 15 October 1942, assigned directly to the AAF. Re-designated I Bomber Command in August 1943, it was assigned to the 1st Air Force. It conducted anti-submarine operations from bases in the USA, the Caribbean, Newfoundland, north-west Africa and England until October 1943. Afterwards it trained bombardment organizations and personnel. It was later assigned to the 2nd Air Force and re-designated XX Bomber Command.

Wings: 25th Antisubmarine, 1942-3; 26th Antisubmarine, 1942-3

I Fighter, 1941-6 I Fighter was constituted as I Interceptor Command on 26 May 1941, and activated on 5 June 1941. It was re-designated I Fighter Command in May 1942.

Wings Boston Fighter, 1942-4; New York Fighter, 1942-4; Norfolk Fighter, 1942-4; Philadelphia Fighter, 1942-4; I Ground Air Support, 1941-2; I Bomber Command, 5 September 1941-15 October 1942 (inactivated and assigned to 2nd Air Force after re-activation on 1 May 1943)

First AF Commanders Maj.-Gen. James E. Chaney, 18 December 1940; Maj.-Gen. Herbert A. Dargue, 24 June 1941; Brig.-Gen. Arnold N. Krogstad, 10 December 1941; Maj.-Gen. Follett Bradley, 5 March 1942; Maj.-Gen. James E. Chaney, 23 July 1942; Maj.-Gen. Ralph Royce, 18 April 1943; Maj.-Gen. Frank O. Hunter, 17 September 1943; Maj.-Gen. Robert W. Douglass Jr, 20 October 1945

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