2nd Air Force

The Second Air Force was constituted as Northwest Air District on 19 October, 1940, and activated on 18 December 1940. Re-designated 2nd Air Force early in 1941, it served as both an air defense and a training organization during 1941. Afterwards it was engaged chiefly in training units and replacements for heavy, and later, very heavy bombing operations.

Stations:McChord Field, Washington State, 18 December 1940; Fort George Wright, Washington State, 9 January 1941; Colorado Springs, Colorado, June 1943-30 March 1946.

Commands:II Air Support, 1941-3; II Bomber, September 1941-October 1943; II Fighter, 1941-2; IV Air Support, 1942-3; XX (formerly I) Bomber, 1 May 1943-1 October 1943 (XX Bomber constituted 19 November 1943 and activated next day, moving to India in XXI Bomber, where it was assigned to 20th AF); XXI Bomber, 1 March 1944-later 1944 (moving to the Marianas and being assigned to the 20th AF for VLR bombing operations until mid-July 1945); XXII Bomber, August 1944-13 February 1945.

2nd AF Commanders: Maj.-Gen. John F. Curry, 18 December 1940; Maj.-Gen. Millard F. Harmon, 5 August 1941; Maj.-Gen. John B. Brooks, 19 December 1941; Maj.-Gen. Frederick L. Martin, 1 February 1942; Maj.-Gen. Robert Olds, 14 May 1942; Maj.-Gen. Davenport Johnson, 25 February 1943; Maj.-Gen. St. Clair Streett, 9 September 1943; Maj.-Gen. Uzal G. Ent, 15 January 1944; Maj.-Gen. Robert B. Williams, 28 October 1944; Brig.-Gen. Julius K. Lacey, 21 November 1945.

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